About Us

About HRC

The Health Resource Center of Cincinnati, Inc. (HRC), is a nurse managed, non-profit, clinic providing affordable health care for low-income, indigent, and homeless adults and transitional youth with serious and chronic mental, emotional, behavioral, and/or substance use disorders.   We provide "safety net" social and mental health services including psychiatric, pharmacological, and psychotherapeutic services as well as urgent care medical services.  Our offices located in the IKRON building are conveniently located near the Over-The-Rhine residential community and the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Cincinnati. 

We invite you to use the links on this page to access pages identifying our Board and staff members, our history, a map to our location, and images of our clinic and our work.

HRC Mission. The Health Resource Center of Cincinnati is dedicated to providing integrated care for economically disadvantaged and/or homeless people with mental, emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorders whose needs are not being met by other agencies.  The Health Resource Center’s holistic approach assists people to achieve a greater quality of life.

HRC Values. We have chosen and fully embrace the five following values to guide our agency and our individual efforts to advance our mission. We pledge to ourselves, to our clients, to our collaborating agencies, and to the community at large that in every way possible we will live by these values.

Integrity. We interact with each other and the communities we serve in a way that is respectful, fully transparent, and ethical. We act with honesty and integrity without compromising truth or justice.

Passion. We put hearts and minds into the work. We give the best effort in all we do.  We are devoted advocates for reducing the stigma borne by persons with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Service Excellence. We deliver excellent service and regularly exceed our client’s expectations. We hire highest quality clinical staff and select high quality interns from excellent, nationally accredited universities. We monitor the quality of service delivered to ensure superior client treatment.

Respect. We give due respect to self and others. We believe that all people have a right to affordable health care including the prescription medications needed to restore or maintain their quality of life. We believe people have the right to be viewed and cared for as whole persons. We believe each person, colleague and client, has inherent uniqueness and strength.

Community Collaboration. Responsibility to our community defines our existence. We prioritize teamwork, inclusivity, and shared goals with each other and our community colleagues.