Donating to HRC

Blanche DuBois certainly spoke for herself when in the movie, Streetcar Named Desire, she said:  "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers," but unwittingly, she also spoke for countless non-profit, social service agencies throughout the country. The HRC is supported in part by public funds, grants, and contracts, but we also depend on charitable giving by corporations, foundations, and individuals.  

Because we provide psychiatric medications for our clients, we need laboratory analysis of blood samples to establish baseline data and conduct follow-up monitoring of the medication's concentration in the blood.  We also conduct screenings for diabetes, anemia, and other diseases or infections through laboratory analysis of blood samples. Funds are constantly needed to support these and other client "safety net" services. 

If you would like to assist the HRC in carrying out its mission to serve men and woman who, because of mental, emotional, behavioral, substance use disorders, physical health care concerns, or lack of sufficient education and training to be self-sufficient, please make a donation to help us sustain our service. 

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PRIVACY NOTICE: We value your privacy. Using the above donate button will connect you with PayPal. We chose PayPal to manage our electronic donations because we believe they respect the privacy of donors and offer a secure method for donors to make electronic donations to our agency. Information about PayPal's security and privacy policies may be found at PayPal's website

When you donate to our agency you will provide PayPal with your name, billing address, home telephone number, email address, and credit card information. When you press the “donate” button, you will enter your billing into PayPal’s web form or, if you are a member of PayPal, you will be given the opportunity to log into your PayPal account. After you have entered your requested information and entered the amount of your donation, you will be given the opportunity to confirm your contribution before paying. You may then view and print your PayPal contribution confirmation. When your donation transaction is completed you will be sent a contribution authorization notice from PayPal by email and when our agency is notified of your contribution, we will send you a personal letter thanking you and confirming your tax-deductible contribution.

We do not use any information we receive about you from your donation for any other purpose. We will not share any personally identifying information we receive from PayPal during the course of your donation with outside parties.