Physical Health/Wellness

The HRC also provides affordable episodic physical health care for low-income, indigent, and homeless transitional youth who suffer from illness or injury.  Our physician and nurse practitioners provide screening, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for physical health problems which are within the scope of practice of our small episodic care clinic. In addition, we provide health and wellness education to promote healthful living. When clients need medical services not provided in our physical health clinic, we rely on our large network of referral sources to assist us in connecting our clients to the health care services they need. 

The HRC Physical Health Care Clinic services are temporarily on hold.  We are engaged in a process of needs assessment, redesign, and refurbishment of the medical service facilities to meet community needs.  In the meantime we can share resources with you to meet current needs. 

This project was initially funded in part by a grant from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.
Physical Health Services - 
  • Assessment/diagnosis of physical health problems
  • Treatment of physical health problems
  • Referral for follow-up assessment and treatment
  • Pharmacological treatment 
  • Medication monitoring       

Health and Wellness Services - 

  • Promoting healthy eating habits
  • Weight loss planning
  • Smoking cessation
  • Nutrition plans
  • Exercise programs with our partners in the Mighty Vine Gym