• Community Psychiatric Support Treatment Services - Psychiatry care can include medical evaluations, care and treatment by psychiatric professionals for a variety of mental health conditions.


  • Diagnostic Assessment - A diagnostic assessment is a clinical evaluation provided by one of our professionals at our agency, in order to gather information to determine appropriate treatment based on the initial problem, current mental status and the diagnostic impression.


  • Pre-Employment Services -  Qualified staff work collaboratively with the individuals looking for a job to identify needs, expectations, interests, abilities, and other social, environmental, and psychological factors that may impact the person’s vocational outcomes. Mental Health Services are also provided for individuals during pre-employment activities.  In addition, collaborating agency, IKRON Corporation offers full employment services that individuals may be qualified to attend after this service. 


  • Post-Employment Follow up - Follow-up support services emphasize the person’s strengths and weaknesses on the job, working with the individual to correct the weaknesses and discussing the individuals work performance, coaching the individual on work habits such as time management, punctuality, speed, interpersonal relationships, handling criticism, task training, and travel training.  These services are provided with our counseling and social work staff, typically during other services.


  • Prevention of emotional/behavioral health concerns - Staff assist stable individuals with resources, curriculum, and techniques to prevent or reduce future symptoms of mental illness.


  •  Emergency Food Services - at times the Health Resource Center has emergency food supplies for individuals in need.  Many of our food resources are supported by foundation grants and donations.  Food items vary during the year.  Please call or check in at the front desk to request any support for this service.


  • Safe Haven - HRC has been described as a place which provides people with an opportunity to receive services in a safe environment, offering another option for help from an agency that serves individuals no matter the barrier or challenges they may be facing.